Exchange Projects

I carried out an exchange project between my school and three other partners in Brazil, Italy and Spain. I've met many colleagues express an interest in starting a project themselves, but say that they aren't sure where to start.

It occurred to me that a section with simple steps of the procedure in practice would be useful to set up.
So, what we have here is a diary of our exchange stage by stage.

There are links to products, resources, materials, news and events as and when they arose.

In order to keep the page tidy, I'll make the messages available in Word documents for download.

If you have any questions, just ask (

Message 1 - discussing the details (27.01.2011)
Message 2 - announcing first lesson with students (04.02.2011)
Message 3 - outcomes of lesson 1 (09.02.2011)
Message 4 - first meeting and first homework (14.02.2011)
Message 5 - ideas for working with Exchange Forms (20.02.2011)
Message 6 - second meeting update on data collection (21.02.2011)
Message 7 - using file archiving (24.02.2011)
Message 8 - collaborating and publishing (02.03.11)

German School Exchange

I also supported a colleague in the German department at my school with an exchange in the German language.

Here are some of the materials and products. All of the products listed are archived in a folder here.

If you have any questions, just ask (
1 Austauschformular_1.pdf
General Austauschformular Feb11, 2011
Egbert Weissheit
2 Schulspeiseplan_1.pdf
07.03.11 bis 13.03.2011
Schulspeiseplan KHS
3 Schulspeiseplan_2.pdf
14.03.11 bis 17.03.2011
Friedrich-Wilhem-Schule speiseplan
4a dradio-dossier.mp3
Radio Dossier mp3 file
4b dradio-dossier1.pdf
4c dradio-dossier-text.pdf
Darf's ein bisschen weniger sein?, Essensretter gegen Zusatzstoffe und Kalorienbomben, Von Agnes Steinbauer, Marz 18 2011 (
Was hast du gegessen Klasse 5 - 5 Austauschformulare
Was hast du gegessen Klasse 11 – 6 Austauschformular (2 nur zwei Seite)