Anglia School
Anglia School 2014.11.27

Anglia School opened in September 2012.  

At Anglia School not only do we provide a rich learning environment we also immerse your child in the English language. Our curriculum has been developed to include a wide range of skills and competencies to reflect and provide for the individual personalilities and learning styles of each and every child who comes to us.

You can visit Anglia School's bilingual site.
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Austria - CLIL-Voc Conference, Linz
Austria - CLIL-Voc Conference, Linz 2017.03.30

I gave the opening keynote at the CLILVoc Conference today at the KPH - University College of Education in Linz, Austria.
I promised to make my slides available, so here they are linked.
My talk was a 'state of the art' of CLIL in Austria over the 5-year life span so far of the CLIL in-service training course at the PH Wien.
More news to come!


Language of Chemistry
Language of Chemistry 2014.11.21

Language of Chemistry

The Language of Chemistry is an article I wrote for the Chemistry International Journal on the language demands of Chemistry for learners working through the medium of English as a foreign language.

Basque Trilingualism
Basque Trilingualism 2014.11.21

Basque Trilingualism

This is an article based on an interview I did on trilingualism in the Basque Country, Spain.

Discussion revolved around the dimension of language when learning the curriculum through another language. This is also an article I'd written for Macmillan's site.
The Basque version and Castellano version of this article are attached below.

The One Stop Shop for CLIL
The One Stop Shop for CLIL 2014.11.27

Simply put, there is a lot available for content teachers looking for materials which support the language of their subject. At the same time, there is plenty for the language teacher looking for interesting accessible content for the English lessons.

There's an archive of over 1300 resources for primary and secondary CLIL on the site. 

I direct many colleagues to the Your CLIL section which is an audit of the general academic language of Science and Geography.
The phrase lists are accompanied by lesson plans and materials for contextualising the general academic language.

I also produce a diary - Keith's Corner - of life at Anglia School, a CLIL school for children aged 2 to 9 in Plovdiv Bulgaria.

It's growing, keep coming back to see what's new!