Bulgaria Course - Putting CLIL into Practice

The CLIL Course – Putting CLIL into Practice – is a comprehensive combination of CLIL theory and practice with the aim of equipping teachers with the ideas and skills they need to help their students work through curriculum material in English, and support students when they are asked to speak and write about these subjects in the foreign language.

CLIL Overview

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Day 1
After a traditional Bulgarian welcome which I know all will enjoy we'll get into the programme and begin to lay out a foundation for working on CLIL with an exploration of 3D CLIL and CLIL in all its dimensions.

We will explore thoroughly different layers of language in CLIL

Each day will close with a focus on materials development to go a long way to providing colleagues with resources to take back and use in their teaching immediately!

Day 2
The second day examines strategies for guiding students through content input and support them in producing content output, two key pillars of CLIL methdology.

Guiding Input - TextWork

Day 3
Day 3 develops the theme of guiding input with a focus on working with multi-media input in the classroom.
Wednesday evening will be our International Dinner and all participants will bring a tipple and a tasty nibble from their home culture to present and share with the group. Yum!

Guiding Input - MultiMedia

Day 4
Here, we move on to considering ideas and techniques for supporting student output – in written or spoken form.

Day 5
The final day has participants working on support for spoken output in CLIL. Part of the work of a CLIL teacher is being familiar of ‘all’ of the language in their subject, as we hear on day 1.

Supporting Output - Speaking in CLIL Classes

Their will also be a well-earned certification ceremony and warm farewells to end the formal part of the week together.

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