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Austria - CLIL-Voc Conference, Linz

I gave the opening keynote at the CLILVoc Conference today at the KPH - University College of Education in Linz, Austria.
I promised to make my slides available, so here they are linked.
My talk was a 'state of the art' of CLIL in Austria over the 5-year life span so ... read more


Switzerland - A 'Flipped' CLIL Training Course

Putting CLIL into Practice - Flipped Training

'Innovative in-school professional development in CLIL for practising teachers'

General overview
- short informative and comprehensive theoretical input in plenary bursts
- one-to-one intensive collaborative work on specific subject needs
- closely facilitated research ... read more


Putting CLIL into Practice

A CLIL book from OUP.

It feels like it has taken years to get this book together, but actually, it's about two years. OUP have provided us with a publicity flier which I'm posting here so that any interested colleagues can see what to expect.

In terms of content, one of the main things I think we offer in the book is a clear description of ... read more


Georgia - CLIL Summer Training for Teachers

Summer Conferences for Georgian Teachers
I’ve just completed an exhausting but exhilirating week-long teacher training in Georgia for Macmillan Publishers and English Book Georgia.
I live just 1600km across the Black Sea from Georgia and yet had to take three flights, in roundabout route across Europe to get to Kutaisi where the training ... read more


FACTWorld Journal 16

This is issue 16 of the FACTWorld Journal, Winter 2015.
We took the focus for this journal as teaching science to young and very young learners of English.
This is an attempt to engage more with primary teachers and pre-school teachers bringing content into their classrooms.
There will be other journals with a younger learner focus. Just let us k... read more