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Putting CLIL into Practice - Thoughts

Putting CLIL into Practice - Thoughts...

The aim of this page is simply to draw together articles and ideas which focus on Putting CLIL into Practice.
I'll arrange it so that there is a running list of titles below which will link directly to either a file to download as an article, or a link to another page with something to see a... read more


Bulgaria Course - Putting CLIL into Practice

The CLIL Courses – Putting Secondary CLIL into Practice (PSCIP) and Putting Primary CLIL into Practice (PPCIP) – offer a comprehensive combination of CLIL theory and practice with the aim of equipping teachers with the ideas and skills they need to help their students work through curriculum material in English, and support students when they are asked to sp... read more


CLIL Projects for ELT

CLIL projects for English lessons

There's a page on this site which has an outline of a workshop on this topic as well as a video walk through of the slides and also a book of ideas on CLIL for English Lessons: 
... read more


Bulgaria - FACTWorld 20th Anniversary

The BETA Conference in Plovdiv began on May 3rd with a pre-conference event organized by FACTWorld with a focus on 'Waste in the Curriculum' and we had a rich and fruitful afternoon together. 
We managed to bring together two plenary talks and 4 consecutive workshops focusing on waste and sustainability and considering that this was within a conference f... read more


Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 19


Soft Skills – a bridge between language CLIL and content CLIL...............................3
Keith Kelly
Two CLIL lessons:
Topic: Fake news! Historic photography real and manipulated.................................13
Thomas Ziegelwagner
Pressemitteilung zur internationalen Lehrertagung 1.-5.10. in Innsbruck.............. read more