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Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 25

Here we are with FACT 25, cram packed with wonderful multilingual education!
We offer an outline of the course Putting CLIL into Practice which is hosted at Anglia School in Bulgaria, 
and for which teachers in EU can apply for Erasmus+ funding. The course offers a grounding in CLIL materials and pedagogy.
If you’re a fan of graphing, there are s...

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Putting CLIL into Practice

Putting CLIL into Practice was first held in Plovdiv in 2018 and has gone through a number of developments since.
The course is available for pre-primary, primary and also for secondary teachers.
The course has travelled to other countries including Estonia, Austria and Switzerland.
It is also now available in an online version.
Putting CLIL ...

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Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 24

In collaboration with AEDE (The European Association of Teachers, Bulgaria section), and working with teachers from the CLIL Coordination Centre, Cyprus (, I had the delightful privilege of working with colleagues from Pre-Primary schools in Cyprus who came 
to Anglia School for a week of training and cultural exp...

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Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 23

FACTWorld issue 23 is the result of the week of Aug 30th to Sept 3rd 2021 when a group of 14 Italian primary teachers came to Anglia School in Plovdiv, Bulgaria for a week’s training in ‘Putting CLIL into Practice’.
The week included 5 CLIL themes spread over the 5 days. Monday looked at levels of language: subject specific, general academic, and periphe...

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Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 22

Bulgaria FACT Journals Issue 22

We hope you are all keeping well and sane! We’re happy to be able to put out a new FACTWorld Journal,
and it’s a rich and varied collection as usual!
I was asked by a colleague to work up a sequence of lesson activities based on Chinese mother tongue science on the topic of ‘The Water Cycle’ and you can find t...

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