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Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 28

This collection of primary resources is the combined work of two groups of Erasmus+ teachers who came to our course ‘Putting CLIL Into Practice’ in October and November 2022 (French and Italian group 17.10.22 - 21.10.22 and Italian and Spanish group 31.10.22 - 04.11.22).

Both groups had a similar teaching profile and they came in close succession, s...

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Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 27

Intercultural Communicative Competence for Very Young Learners CLIL

This collection of resources was compiled during the Erasmus+ Course – Putting Preprimary CLIL into 
Practice which took place at Anglia School Bulgaria from July 4th to 8th, 2022.

A wonderful group of 10 Italian and 3 Romanian preprimary teachers came to us to work on ...

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Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 26

The UN SDGs as a focus for Primary CLIL

This collection of Primary CLIL resources is the product of a week of Erasmus+ CLIL training at Anglia School in Bulgaria.

We had the idea of focusing specifically on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals while developing resources for primary CLIL.

The 14 participants from Italy a...

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Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 25

Here we are with FACT 25, cram packed with wonderful multilingual education!
We offer an outline of the course Putting CLIL into Practice which is hosted at Anglia School in Bulgaria, 
and for which teachers in EU can apply for Erasmus+ funding. The course offers a grounding in CLIL materials and pedagogy.
If you’re a fan of graphing, there are s...

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Putting CLIL into Practice

Putting CLIL into Practice was first held in Plovdiv in 2018 and has gone through a number of developments since.
The course is available for pre-primary, primary and also for secondary teachers.
The course has travelled to other countries including Estonia, Austria and Switzerland.
It is also now available in an online version.
Putting CLIL ...

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