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Bulgaria Course - Putting CLIL into Practice

The CLIL Course – Putting CLIL into Practice (PCIP) – is a comprehensive combination of CLIL theory and practice with the aim of equipping teachers with the ideas and skills they need to help their students work through curriculum material in English, and support students when they are asked to speak and write about these subjects in the foreign more


Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 18

This is issue 18 of the FACTWorld Journal, Autumn 2018.

Many thanks to ELICIT-PLUS for part sponsoring this 18th issue of the FACTWorld journal!
Many thanks to Hristiyana Blagoeva for the art used for the cover, and thanks to the children of Anglia School for their lovely artwork!
You can download the entire pdf version of Journal 18 at the ... read more


CLIL Projects for ELT

CLIL projects for English lessons

There's a page on this site which has an outline of a workshop on this topic as well as a video walk through of the slides and also a book of ideas on CLIL for English Lessons: 
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14th February, 2018
New TrashedWorld Litterati Unit
To celebrate our partnership with Litterati ( we're launching a new unit of investigation using the Litterati App and we're inviting all schools to try it out. Our only request please is that you send us the results of your students' investigations so that we can publish the... read more


Italy - TechnoCLIL-Forever Webinar

Mapping CLIL
Introduction - Seeing the bigger picture

Some colleagues are attracted to CLIL 'projects', small-scale time-bound activities which they can slot into their curriculum. These CLIL projects offer a refreshing supplement to the 'regular' curriculum. We're not going to talk about that approach to CLIL.

I'd like yo... read more