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Putting CLIL into Practice

Putting CLIL into Practice was first held in Plovdiv in 2018 and has gone through a number of developments since.  
The course is available for pre-primary, primary and also for secondary teachers.
The course has travelled to other countries including Estonia, Austria and Switzerland.
It is also now available in an online version.
Putting CLI...

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Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 34

A Winter CLIL Collection 

FACT Journal 34 comes to you from the cold mid-winter of 2023-2024 with the prospect of a warm spring on the way. You’ll find many things to warm your heart! We begin with some useful ideas on puppet theatre for our younger learners along with rich resources for developing language through the seasons, riddles, rhymes and s...

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Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 33

Global Warming and its Impact on Living Things on Earth
(an integrated approach)

The collection of resources found in this publication of the FACT Journal was compiled during two weeks of work at the Bell Foundation, Cambridge in the summer of 2023. The Teaching CLIL course brought together 6 teachers from Spain, ...

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Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 32

I had the pleasure and privilege of working with three groups of colleagues from a small cluster of schools from Settimo in Italy this summer. I say it was a pleasure and a privilege because despite the heat of Plovdiv, they were very energetic and able to invest of themselves in my course Putting CLIL into 
Practice with a thirst for ideas. It was this ...

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Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 31

With forewords from both John Clegg and Phil Ball, and an introduction from Eva Tatarova, this special edition of the FACTWorld Journal is dedicated to dear colleagues in Ukraine and abroad who participated in an online course - Putting CLIL into Practice.
Eva first got in touch about the course and our work at Anglia School with words of interest and en...

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