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Bulgaria Course - Putting CLIL into Practice

Putting CLIL into Practice was first held in Plovdiv in 2018 and has gone through a number of developments since.
The course is available for primary teachers and also for secondary teachers.
The course has travelled to other countries including Estonia, Austria and Switzerland.
It is also now available in an online version.
Putting CLIL into...

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CLIL Clinic

CLIL Clinic
The drop in clinic for help and suggestions on CLIL for your lessons and teaching.
During the Covid pandemic I've been asked by several individual colleagues for some help on their lessons, their projects, their PhD papers and others.
I decided it might be a good idea to have a place where colleagues could come to ask for help ...

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Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 21

Who would have thought what would come when we were celebrating our 20th anniversary just a few months ago!

Our 21st journal has a wonderful 'coming of age' ring to it despite the quarantine lockdown circumstances!
We have items from all over the place, in many languages.
Soft CLIL CPD from Georgia,
History lesson ‘Deconstructing/Debunki...

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Georgia - CLIL Trainer CPD

CLIL for Integrated Curriculum Skills

This article describes how the curriculum skills descriptors in the content subject areas can be used to a) provide a syllabus for the language classroom and b) act as a focus for integration and collaboration between subject teachers and language teachers.

1) Curriculum guidelines
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Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 20

A Bulgarian once said to me that good things take time, and the best could take forever. Well, Issue 20 of the FACTWorld Journal has been a long time coming, so it must be really good!

The theme is waste and sustainability and celebrates the 20th anniversary of the FACTWorld network with proceedings from the Pre-Conference day at the Bulgarian Engli...

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