What is CLIL?

What is CLIL?

CLIL stands for Content and Language Integrated Learning

This section of the site has been set up to contribute to the discussion of what CLIL is (and isn't).  Colleagues will find definitions of CLIL in print on the net at the time of writing as well as a review of resources available for content and language integrated learning.

What is CLIL?
If you teach EMI (English as a Medium of Instruction), LAC (Language Across the Curriculum), CBI (Content-based Instruction) or CBLT (Content-based Language Teaching; if you work in Bilingual Education; if you’re a subject teacher working through the medium of a foreign language, or a language teacher bringing in content into your English lesson, you work within the area of Content and Language Integrated Learning.
Phil Ball on Defining CLIL

There is also space dedicated here for Cafe CLIL discussions as well as links and recordings from conferences with CLIL as the focus.
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There is a section archiving articles I've read about CLIL or related to CLIL.
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