Putting CLIL into Practice Online Course

Putting CLIL into Practice Online 

There is now an online version of this course available.

This online version of the course Putting CLIL into Practice includes 10 hour-long instructional videos on key CLIL themes each followed by a personalised live session on lesson and materials writing based on the key themes and geared towards meeting participants’ specific needs and local CLIL teaching and learning contexts.
The input films will have the following themes:
01 Three dimensional CLIL
02 Layers of language in CLIL
03 Subject-specific terminology (SST)
04 Guiding input – multi-media
05 Guiding input – text
06 Supporting output – writing
07 Supporting output – speaking
08 Planning CLIL lessons
09 Auditing general academic language
10 CLIL materials, projects and networks

Video Summary


The personalised sessions will have as focus tasks where colleagues explore the theme with respect to their own classroom needs and as part of the discussion I will provide input on the materials and lessons being written.
How can you get involved?
Get in touch and express an interest (keith@anglia-school.info).
We discuss your needs, your background, teaching experience and ambitions for doing the course with me.
We fixed the dates in the calendar. This can be done intensively in one week, or can be spread out over several weeks or months. It may be that you wish to do the whole input and task list during one week in the summer, or you may wish to spend more time in discussion with me working on your materials over a school term. It is intended to be flexible to suit your personal availability and needs.
I am happy to run this course with individual colleagues, with small groups of colleagues from the same school, or with larger groups of colleagues who would like to be part of a community of teachers undergoing the course and sharing their work, and sharing feedback with each other.
Cost – EU250
(Note – the first planned course was held within the two week period from July 20th, 2020)