Poland - Education for sustainable development

Education for sustainable development
A series of articles from Ola Zaparucha, Poland.

12th Oct 2009


Ola offered to send us articles she has written and co-written on Education for Sustainable Development. Many thanks Ola. I'll let her explain:

Dear Keith, 

I enclose the article on Education for Sustainable Development to be included in the FACTworld website. It is the first in a series of 4 articles which tackle this issue. The first one analyses the range of the vocabulary and topics on ESD in English textbooks used in Poland. The next ones will give a range of activities on ESD to be used both during classes of English and during other subject classes delivered through English, be it Geography, Biology, Chemistry or any other related subjects. 
The article was first published in the magazine for teachers of English in Poland The Teacher: http://www.teacher.pl/. Once the other articles are published I will also send them to be publicised on the FACTWORLD website. 


Ola Zaparucha

Education for Sustainable Development in an English classroom
(You can find the articles at the links at the foot of this page)

Article 1: Environmental issues in English textbooks
Article 2: What a mess the world is in and how it got that way
Article 3: We’re trying to solve the problem – is it working?
Article 4: Is there a solution?
30th Jan, 2010