Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 05

Forum for Across the Curriculum Teaching Journal Issue 05

Key terms from the articles and lessons in this journal are:

Walsh's Modern World History; Digestion Rap; Polar Bears; Crossword; World Water Day; Soaps and Detergents; Learning Objectives; Team Work; Student Humour; Chemical Poetry

PDF files of each section of the journal:
Vanya Hristova - B Walsh's 'Modern World History', A time machine to the 20th century
Димитър Марков - Рап за хигиената на храносмилането
Aila Rasim - Polar bears
Desislava Todorova - Predatory plants
Desislava Nikolova - Crossword
Zhivka Nikolova - World Water Day
M. Angelova - Soaps and Detergents
M. Angelova - Learning Objectives
An Instance of Team Work (Collected by Katya Marincheva)
Непомръкващ ученически хумор (събрано от Живка Николова)
Chemical Poetry