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Macedonia - CLIL Contact in Macedonia

Macedonia - CLIL Contact in Macedonia 

NAME: Elena Sentevska 
SCHOOL: Quality Schools International, Skopje, Macedonia 
CLASS: The best one 
SCHOOL PHONE: Work: (+389 2) 3067 678 or 3091 669, Home: (+389 2) 3223 885, Cell: (+389 70) 842 783, Fax: (+389 2) 3062 250.

About The Teacher 


2001 - 20... read more
Macedonia - CLIL Training Report

Macedonia - CLIL Training Report

Report on training teachers for CLIL in Macedonia

Skopje 15 – 21 August 2006

Trainer: Stefka Kitanova

The training took place in the Gimnazia Orce Nikolov, teachers of Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, History and Geography were trained.

The seminar began with short ‘CLIL’ ice breaking in order to get informa... read more
Macedonia - Science Across the Balkans

Macedonia - Science Across the Balkans

Content and language teaching in the Republic of Macedonia

In primary schools pupils learn basics of the foreign language (English, German, French or Russian) from Vth - VIIIth grade.

In the Republic of Macedonia there are 90 state secondary schools and 3 private secondary schools.

- In the state sector:

- In a... read more