Macedonia - CLIL Training Report

Report on training teachers for CLIL in Macedonia

Skopje 15 – 21 August 2006

Trainer: Stefka Kitanova

The training took place in the Gimnazia Orce Nikolov, teachers of Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, History and Geography were trained.

The seminar began with short ‘CLIL’ ice breaking in order to get information on their level of language according to CEFL (identified B1 – B2).
During the first two days and a half teachers were introduced to CLIL as methodology and a relatively innovative approach for teaching subjects in FL – in our case English. The input was in the field how to help students with language in lessons of subject to develop their skills – reading, listening, writing and speaking. This input was realised showing them different techniques and pointing out specific language issues to be stressed while teaching subject in English. I tried to give as much as possible within the time we had. 

One of the sessions was dedicated to assessment and evaluation of both language and subject knowledge in order teachers to understand the idea of what, when and how to assess and evaluate.

Some European projects in the field of CLIL were presented in a separate session in order to up-to-date them and introduce the new policies in the field.

After giving some ideas and examples about planning the content and language part of the lessons teachers started practical work on planning the first 10 pedagogical units (nastavni edinici) of their future work with my support. The main problem of lack of appropriate (in some cases any) materials in English appeared immediately. The group did its best to deal with the problem but I see this as the main obstacle – they really need materials.
When the first units were ready teachers started to ‘present’ what they had prepared. After the first (most stressful) presentations they were asked to share opinions according to the observation sheet given in the Assessment session. Then the ‘presentations’ followed in better way and during the last ones teachers were better confident in what they are doing after 1 September.

Feed back: during the last session teachers were asked to write on the flipchart their positive (+) and negative (-) feelings about the workshop as well as they were invited to share any comments they have on it.

Stefka – great master of her profession
Stefka I like the way you teach  us
Nice T-shirts
Big challenge
Lot of learn
Starting thinking in English
I understood everything from the teacher
I like when you are very ‘bad’ with us
Starting teach in different way
Wonderful teacher

Very short seminar
We need more lessons
Need computer
Out of electricity
I need many materials
Real frightful challenge

Other comments
No materials
Much information for short time 
It is very warm/hot
I am sleepy today
No electricity- no atmosphere
Teachers shirt excellent
Sorry I did not go out with you and missed the fun
Having fun with nice company
Stefka is very strict teacher
Stefka is a dynamic person that can give me more and more

This is what teachers wrote. If you need any explanation – Let me know.


Stefka Kitanova

POB 57, Sofia 1797, Bulgaria
+359/2/962 04 42
+359/898/48 96 99