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Content and language teaching in the Republic of Macedonia

In primary schools pupils learn basics of the foreign language (English, German, French or Russian) from Vth - VIIIth grade.

In the Republic of Macedonia there are 90 state secondary schools and 3 private secondary schools.

- In the state sector:

- In all secondary schools students study one or two foreign languages on higher level.

- Earlier some specific subjects were studied in the English language in two secondary schools. This project lasted until last year because it needed much more finance then classical education.

- At French Cultural Center’s initiative in 7 secondary schools in the Republic of Macedonia students study natural sciences in French language. French Embassy in the Republic of Macedonia financially supports this project.

- In the private sector:

- In two secondary schools students study in Macedonian and English language

- In the 3rd one besides Macedonian and English students also study in Turkish language (although Turkish is minority language in the Republic of Macedonia and in this case it is considered as a foreign language).

At university level:

- At Faculty of Philology where foreign languages are studied all subjects are studied in particular foreign language. Here also students are trained for teaching foreign languages in the primary and secondary schools.

- At all Faculties one or two foreign languages are studied mostly during the first two years. These courses are orientated on specific terminology depending on the appropriate Faculty.

There are some additional projects held in foreign languages:

- Junior Achievement - Business and Economics

- Cisco CCNA Training - starting this year (distance learning).


Elena Mladenovska

Maths Teacher