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Asturias - Asturian CLIL

Asturias - Asturian CLIL

Asturian CLIL

16th-19th Feb, 2009

Getting to know content and language integration in Asturias

I’ve just spent a delightful three days in Asturias in Northern Spain.  Even the EasyJet flight which took me back to Bulgaria from Stansted had a piece on Asturias in its magazine. 
Never having been there before, I knew very ... read more
Asturias - CLIL Book

Asturias - CLIL Book

New CLIL book from Asturias
Colleagues in the Asturian CLIL teachers' network have published a book of resources and teachers' notes for CLIL.

The education unit page has been altered, but there's plenty of news at their website: You can access the relevant page here

What you'll find... read more