Asturias - CLIL Book

New CLIL book from Asturias
Colleagues in the Asturian CLIL teachers' network have published a book of resources and teachers' notes for CLIL.

The education unit page has been altered, but there's plenty of news at their website: You can access the relevant page here

What you'll find in the resources (note - a zipped folder of the entire collection is given at the link at the foot of this page):

ART. UNIT: "Observation".

NATURAL SCIENCE (BIOLOGY). Unit: "Vertebrate animals".

CITIZENSHIP. Unit: "Human rights".

GEOGRAPHY AND HISTORY. Unit: "Greek civilization".

MATHEMATICS. Unit: "3-D shapes".

MUSIC. Unit. "Sound and its properties".

PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Unit: "Outdoor activities".

PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY. Unit: "Work and energy".

TECHONOGY 1. Unit: "Electricity".

TECHONOGY 2. Unit: "Technical materials".

The file itself is a ZIP folder and is about 78 MB