Malaysia - Training course for teaching Maths and Science in English

Training course for teaching Maths and Science in English

The English Language Teaching Centre, Malaysia

It's great to see that colleagues in Malaysia have published online a course for the training of teachers of Maths and Science through the medium of English.

The overall aim of ETeMS is as follows:
To enhance the English language skills of Mathematics and Science teachers to enable them to teach effectively using English as the medium of instruction


The programme of training is 240 hours and covers three broad areas of language in Maths and Science:
A. Language for Accessing Information
B. Language for Teaching Mathematics and Science
C. Language for Professional Exchange

The writing of such a course is timely in a climate where English medium education is enjoying a growing popularity around the world. Malaysia is well-known in content and language integration circles for the ambitious projects undertaken to set up national programmes for the teaching of Maths and Science in English, for the very rich resources and hardware available to teachers as well as the training programmes created to prepare teachers for integrating their content with language.
What is of particular interest with this course, however, is how the grammar of English has been linked directly with areas of content of Maths and Science. The course lays out topic areas within Maths and Science and then goes on to describe language structure giving example sentences from these subject areas. The examples are set upon exercises for teachers to do practicing the structures.
If you find other courses like this online, let us know.

21 Oct, 2007