Italy - First Experience of CLIL

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CLIL  -  Content and Language Integrated Learning

This is the first experience of CLIL thought of and organised together by two teachers: prof. Laura Azimonti (Biology and Chemistry) and Anna Cassanmagnago (English). The two colleagues want to experience the opportunity to teach a subject in the foreign language the students are studying, in order to challenge their capacity to deal with it in a different context from the one they are accustomed to.


1)      CLIL is am approach to knowledge which favours the use of foreign languages not for themselves, but as a means to communicate knowledge and culture all over the world.

2)      We live in a society which is more and more becoming multiethnic and, consequently, multicultural. Therefore it is important for us to acquire the skills to interrelate with other human beings on different topics.

3)      Now we are going to hand out the photocopies on which you can see a list of key-words that will help you follow the lesson in the most suitable way possible. We suggest you should go through the list so that you can ask for explanations if needed.

4)    After reading the list, you will be given other two photocopies with questionnaires. Before the lesson look at the questions.

 ·         Questionnaire 1 – The items here will be dealt with in this lesson, so you should pay the highest attention in order to be able to answer the questions afterwards.

·         Questionnaire 2 – together with question no. 9 of the first questionnaire – will be answered at home.

5)    You are allowed 5 minutes to go through the key-words and the questionnaires so that you can concentrate on the lesson content better.

6)      Once you have gone through the pages, the science teacher, prof. Azimonti, will deliver the lesson and you are expected to pay attention to it. Of course you can raise your hand and ask questions if you have any doubt or curiosity.

7)      At the end of the lesson you are expected to answer questions 1-8 of the first questionnaire. The answers will be checked and evaluated, both for the content and the appropriateness of the language used.


Teacher's notes ... linked at the foot of this page.
Questionnaires on the topic of blood:
 Questionnaire 1 ... linked at the foot of this page,
 Questionnaire 2 ... linked at the foot of this page.
Content material on blood, ... linked at the foot of this page.
PowerPoint presentation on blood ... linked at the foot of this page.

Many thanks to Anna and Laura!!!