The Three Little Pigs - Building a house from straw

Building a house from straw - part 1

I asked my chat bot to produce a translation of my AI generated text - How to build a house from straw (based on the three little pigs).
It's got complicated verbs in it, but there's plenty of repetition in the words and phrases. I also asked the bot to use numbered steps which will allow me to use the texts in a image and description sorting activity later.

Here is part 1

Here is the audio file.

Building a house from straw part 2
Here is the audio file for part 2

Labels and steps image

Conjugating the verbs in the present from 'How to build a house from straw' 


Text files
240307_straw-house_verbs conjugations 1
240307_straw-house_verbs conjugations 2
240307_straw-house_verbs conjugations 3
240307_straw-house_verbs conjugations 4

Audio files

Conjugations of all verbs in present tense in Word doc