Czech Republic

Czech Republic - Articles on Music CLIL

Colleague Zdenek Vasicek has sent us a series of articles on Music CLIL.

We're very glad to host them on FACTWorld!

The first article you'll find here from Zdenek is “Bloom's Taxonomy in CLIL Concept: A Possible Theoretical Approach”
We're lucky to have contributions from dedicated colleagues.
That is what FACTWorld is precisely here for, to showcase and share your work with the world.

a comprehensive new article (in Czech) for the Research Institute of Education in Prague:
“CLIL at Czech Primary Arts Schools and Teacher Professionalization: A Forecast”
Nov 5th, 2010


Piano Playing as CLIL1

At the Primary Arts School in Tisnov, (Czech Republic), 2000-2007

An article by Zdenek Vasicek


Piano Playing as CLIL2

Yesterdays Reality and Todays Needs From a CLIL-Teachers Point of View

An article by Zdenek Vasicek

Links to the articles are given below