Bulgaria - Varna Summer School 2004

Summer Course - Varna '2004

Networking and Training for Content and Language
Integrated Learning
(05.07 - 09.07.2004)
Organizers: Forum for across the Curriculum Teaching Group and Science across the World
Partners: The Ministry of Education and Science, Shumen University Konstantin Preslavski and 
In-service Teacher Training Department - Varna

Course Content
Albena Nikolova   
•Water in Bulgarian Literature – Creative Writing

Lyubov Dombeva
•Water experiments
•Beliefs about Water – Developing Listening Skills in EL

Maria Koeva
•WaterDoc Comes to Help

Stefka Kitanova   
•FACT – Content Process and Product of the Project
•Water experiments continued

Valentina Angelova – Course Director
•Developing Language Skills while Focusing on Science,

Literature and Culture (Water Variations)
•The Cross-curricular Approach in Teaching English as a FL
‘Testing’ Water

The team
Lyubov – the Lotus
Albena – the Albatross
Merry Maria
Emilia – the Eagle
Detelina – the Dog
Tsveti – the Tulip
Svetlana – the Sun
Iva – the Ice cream
Valya – the Vitamin
Krassimira – the Key
Elvira – the Experience
Julia – the Jacket
Stefka – the Snake

Participants Contacts

Детелина Йорданова Маринова – англ. ез
Гр. Велико Търново 5000, ул. “Камен Зидаров” 14
Detelina@vali.bgЕлвира Дамянова – англ. ез., руски ез.
Гр. Свищов, ул. “Средна Гора” 1
Вх. Г, ап. 15
D_blagoev@thezonebg.comЕмилия Христова Дишева - математика
Гр. Велико Търново, 5000, ул. “Краков” 5
Вх. В, ап. 4, ет. 2
Emilydisheva@abv.bgИва Симеонова Рангелова – англ. ез.
Гр. Севлиево, 5400, ж.к. “Димитър Благоев”
Бл. 3, ап. 2, вх. Г, ет.1
Evgeni_68@abv.bgКрасимира Кирчева Крумова – англ. ез.
Гр. Свищов, 5250, ул. “П. Евтимий” 72
Бл. 2, вх. Б, ап. 12, ет. 4
Krrass@abv.bgСветлана Пламенова Стойчева – български ез, история, англ. ез.
Гр. Тутракан, обл. Силистра, бл. “Росица”2
Ет. 4, ап. 10
Jovkov@mail.orbitel.bgЦвета Александрова Кръстева – изобразително изкуство
и история на изкуството
Гр. Велико Търново 5000, ул. “Оборище” 8
Вх. Г, ап. 21
Тел. 0889 274 783
mail@cveta.netЮлия Петрова Йозова – англ. ез.
Гр. Свищов, 5250, ул. “П. Ангелов” 15
Бл. 1, вх. Г, ет. 5
Тел. 0631 42246, 0888 777 366

 Tutors contacts
Albena Nikolova – albenahris@yahoo.comLyubov Dombeva – dombeva@abv.bgMaria Koeva - maria_koeva@yahoo.comeng. Stanislav Shterev – stan_sterev@abv.bg – 9010 Varna, ITTDStefka Kitanova - skitanova@scienceacross.org , butsa13@hotmail.comValentina Angelova – 9010 Varna, ITTD, valka55@hotmail.com

Group poems

It looks like crystal
It sounds like waterfall
It smells like perfume
It provokes me to dream

It looks like waves
It sounds like roaring sea
It smells like seaweeds
It provokes you to swim
(Iva – the Ice cream)

It looks like the rising tide
It sounds like the splashing mermaids
It smells like the cool breeze
It provokes myths and legends

It looks like a mirror
It sounds like music
It smells like a rose
It provokes my spirit

It looks like transparent air
It sounds like birds singing
It smells like perfume after rain
It provokes swimming

It looks like a blue transparent sky
It sounds like a beating chord in love
It smells like the hair of a baby
It provokes like the smile of a beautiful woman

It looks like silver
It sounds like music
It smells like spring
It provokes you to dream (= to live)

It looks like nylon curtains
It sounds differently –
as a lullaby song and as a thunder storm
It smells like sea J
It provokes you to desire it

It looks like air
It sounds like waves
It smells like sea
It provokes drinking
(Merry Maria)

It looks like winter
It sounds like spring
It smells like autumn
It feels like summer
It provokes changes
(Stefka – the Snake)



Rainbow is colourful
Colours are joy
Joy is peace
(Iva – the Ice cream)

Silver dewdrops, golden rays
Dancing stars in moonlit pit
Distant sound of ringing bells
For the one who wants to hear it

Water is a symbol of life
People are a symbol of life
So, People are a symbol of water
(Elvira, Emily, Merry Maria)

If waterless – I die,
If waterfull – I exist,
I choose – to live!
(Elvira, Emily, Merry Maria)

My water
Your water
Water for you and me

If a drop of water is love
And the river is life
I am an Ocean
(Krassi – the Key)

I saw the rainbow
It was from five colours
The colours of rainbow

Water is life
Ice is death
Vapour is in between
(Stefka – the Snake)

Water dripping off my hair
Makes me remember your smile

Waterfall in front
Water denying stillness
Breaking the silence

Rivers flow like golden paths,
Cascade down the mountainside
Chasing peace.
Deserts, stagnant seas of light,
Never get that kiss of life.
Water is pleasure in hot summer night
It is an enigma, a secret
And a kind of life’s fight.
(Krassi – the Key, Iva – the Ice cream, Emilia – the Eagle,
Lyubov – the Lotos, Stefka – the Snake)


Water is a source of life,
 Water is a state of mind
 It is placid, running fast
 It is beauty longing last
 Pleasure for my senses
 Inspiration for my dances!
(Merry Maria, Elvira – Experienced, Svetlana, Albena, Julia, Detelina)
It looks like a smile of a newborn baby
 With pure and full of goodness minds,
 Clear from the surrounding evil and
 Troubles in life
 It sounds like a bird flying free in the sky,
 Singing under the sun
 Not disturbed by the disastrous activities
 Of the surrounding life
 It smells like flower growing
 In calm and sunny place
 With odour of green and beauty nature
 Reflecting one world of with clear environment.
 It provokes the best sides of the person’s nature
 To come out and show the world
 How good we can be
 If we want.
 (Krassi – the Key)

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