Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 18

This is issue 18 of the FACTWorld Journal, Autumn 2018.

Many thanks to ELICIT-PLUS for part sponsoring this 18th issue of the FACTWorld journal!
Many thanks to Hristiyana Blagoeva for the art used for the cover, and thanks to the children of Anglia School for their lovely artwork!
You can download the entire pdf version of Journal 18 at the foot of this page.

The contents of this journal include:

Big Picture CLIL – Keith Kelly 3
Games in Education – FACT GROUP meeting 7
Ancient Greek Olympics and ancient Greek philosophy - Thomas Ziegelwagner 13
A few reflective comments on the CLIL-lesson about the ancient Greek Olympics and ancient
Greek philosophy - Thomas Ziegelwagner 18
Spanish schools impact stories 20
Удвояване на резултатите с един урок: „Аз съм човекът“ - Вероника Петкова, Искра
Неделчева 24
Digital magazine: a crosscurricular project to increase autonomous learning and creativity –
Arantzazu Martinez Etxarri 28
Българската шевица- геометрия и колорит – Таня Манолова 29
Hands on CLIL – Special course for primary and secondary teachers 34
Etapas de la vida en la biología y la literatura - Stefka Kitánova, Vasil Chakarov 35
ELICIT – European Literacy and Citizenship Education 38


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