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Hungary - Primary Bilingual Education

Hungary - Primary Bilingual Education

Primary Bilingual Programmes in Hungarian Public Education: Summary

Background to the paper

The emergence of bilingual education in Hungarian primary schools raises four main questions:

1. Why has this form of foreign language teaching appeared in the primary schools?
2. What is the number of such programmes, and how are... read more
Hungary - State of CLIL

Hungary - State of CLIL


Language teaching is one of the most important problems of education in Hungary. Due to our mother tongue – while it is unic and very different among the other European languages – Hungarians are in serious need to learn and use languages especially in this situation: soon becoming one of the members of the Europen Community... read more
Hungary - V4 CLIL Conference

Hungary - V4 CLIL Conference

V4 CLIL Conference, Budapest
Károli Gáspár University of the Hungarian Reformed Church
June 10, 2006
A report by Maria Pákozdi
V4 - The abbreviation stands for the Visegrad countries ( Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary) and the conference was sponsored by the International Visegrad Fund ( ).
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