Switzerland - Conference on Immersive Education

I love visiting French-speaking countries, but sadly don't get the chance much professionally, where I might get to enjoy the spin-offs of speaking the language AND doing some work at the same time.
Well, when I got the invitation to speak at the 'Study Day on Immersion' organized by the Ministry of Education in Geneva, you can imagine I said 'yes'.
It is also an event which is right up my street when it comes to having something to talk about and offer teachers new to CLIL, or looking for new ideas in CLIL. I met Christiane Lofgren at the CLIL Policy Dialogue event at Lake Como some months ago and she suggested there may be an event coming up, would I like to join in.
My contribution will be as follows:

Vocabulary teaching and learning in CLIL (immersion)
This plenary will look at the issue of teaching vocabulary in CLIL contexts. A major issue for learners is the weight of new vocabulary in a CLIL course. The talk will focus on two areas. Firstly, what vocabulary are we talking about? The plenary will identify different layers of language in any CLIL classroom and propose making strategic decisions prioritizing vocabulary. Secondly, what can we do with vocabulary once we’ve identified it? The plenary will offer a range of approaches to presenting vocabulary innovatively and to learning vocabulary with the aim of offering participants principles for vocabulary teaching and learning in CLIL.

ATELIER 15H00-16H00
Teach yourself CLIL in 10 minutes per day
This workshop follows on from the plenary with the same title and will focus on adapting materials to make vocabulary learning easier and more attractive for both teacher and student in a CLIL lesson. Participants will be asked both to create and to carry out a number of vocabulary activities as learners using a range of content materials. The workshop will then take principles for vocabulary teaching and learning in CLIL and invite participants to discuss the activities they experienced based on these principles.

The plenary and the workshop follow broadly what you'll find in Putting CLIL into Practice if you read the book. 
You can find the full programme at the foot of this page.
I've promised my teachers some real Toblerone!