Russia - Competence-based Education for Teacher Trainers

The British Council Krasnoyarsk hosted a two-day workshop, from November 21-22, 2005, for subject teacher trainers from the Krasnoyarsk IPKRU – The Krasnoyarsk Institute for In-service Teacher Development. A wide variety of training areas were represented and 20 teacher trainers attended the workshop.
Science Across the World was offered as a focus for developing competences and skills in education. We looked, among others, at making presentations in class, developing discussions in class, carrying out surveys, using practical activities, analysing and presenting data. Two interpreters from the faculty of interpreting at Krasnoyarsk State University helped the communication along with their impeccable work in interpreting our sessions where necessary (a lot!). Thanks also to Olga for translating the handouts!

Focus on the skills as well as the facts!
    …post-its debate on Genetic Science…
… pros and cons of genetic science…
…investigating rubbish…
…presenting data in a diagram…

As a direct result of expressed needs for communication amongst the participants in the group a Yahoogroup ‘Krasnoyarsk Schools’ was set up. 
A copy of the Science Across website was left behind to enable colleagues to work with their own trainees without internet access problems.
… marketing strategy for cosmetics…
A key question was raised in evaluating the two days of workshops. ‘How can teachers find time for these activities when they have such a heavy curriculum to teach?’ One answer offered was the 10% of the timetable which has recently been set aside in the region for investigative work such as that carried out in the Science Across programme.
Lida also presented an outline of a programme she offers in pre-service teacher training in Amsterdam which focuses on Science Across.
There is a challenge to colleagues to use the programme for their own needs, but there is also clear enthusiasm for Science Across and many colleagues were keen to take the programme forward in their own teacher training.
… presenting cosmetics…
We’ll be interested to hear how the colleagues get on and will certainly do what we can to keep in touch and support their work from a distance. We hope they invite us back again!