Poland - Geography bilingual teaching - practical issues

Geography bilingual teaching – practical issues

3-5 October 2008, Toruń

Aleksandra Zaparucha

Between the 3rd and 5th October 2008 the second round of workshops for bilingual Geography teachers was held in Toruń. 
A tradition that is planned to continue year on year sharing good practice among Geography teachers around Poland working through the medium of English.

Getting to know each other
My presentation on student projects

The event took place on the premises of the Association of Polish Adult Educators, which coexists with the National Centre National Centre for Further Training of Geography Teachers, lead by Antoni Stark.
This time, the focus of the event was innovation and assessment in teaching Geography through English. The people who attended the workshop were teachers, both experienced and new in the profession, as well as teacher trainers and university workers.    
Traditional Polish food and music for the evening
Discussions, discussions, discussions... Daniela Schmeinck (standing) during the workshop on assessment

The leaders of the workshop included Dr Daniela Schmeinck from the University of Education in Karlsruhe, Germany, and Aleksandra Zaparucha, who represented the Association of Polish Adult Educators, Toruń Branch.
The three-day program of the event included presentations on innovation in Geography, such as Geocatching or Virtual Globes, assessment issues, as well as practical ideas, such as student projects and ways of integrating language skills.
Group photo in front of the National Centre for Further Training of Geography Teachers

The participants had a chance to present their ideas from bilingual classes and discuss them with others engaged in this mode of teaching. This, according to the workshop participants, proved most crucial, as there is no sufficient guidance for bilingual teachers in Poland.
The next event, already planned for 2009, will probably deal with fieldwork in bilingual classes.    
Nov 5th, 2008