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Supporting writing with writing frames

A writing frame is an overall structure of a piece of writing in the form of a template for students to use to help them produce their own longer piece of writing in a formal style in line with the standard for a given subject. In other words, a piece of writing in Geography or Physics has a structure which is acceptable and expected for these (and other) subjects. The writing frame will respect this 'standard structure'.

This template for writing also carries useful phrases for a particular genre of writing. These phrases are also of a specific style and genre for our chosen subject. Geography descriptions of population change exploit language which is a standard form of Geography language. The writing frame will respect this demand for subject-standard language.

Now, there are many types of writing in the many subjects of the school curriculum. This section presents writing frames which represent some of these types of writing. Feel free to send us your ideas and writing frames and we will add them here.

Writing frames

- Writing a comparison
- Writing about cause-effect
- Writing about advantages and disadvantages