Language Support

Providing Language Support

I decided to put some resources on the site to exemplify supporting learners working in the curriculum in a foreign language.

I'll use this page to structure the sections which will be arranged in terms of 1 - Guiding Input and 2 - Supporting Output.
In 1 - Guiding Input, the section presents processing activities which include activities for dealing with reading texts and activities for dealing with listening / watching. In 2 - Supporting Output, the section gives ideas for supporting learners in their speaking and in their writing.

Guiding Input
- Reading
- Listening / watching

Supporting Output
- Speaking
- Writing

This is very much a work in progress, but you are very welcome to offer your own ideas and resources and I promise I'll try and upload them here to share with interested colleagues.

The point of these resources is to offer ideas to colleagues for producing their own CLIL activities for their own classes.