DIY Learn a Language - Greek Grammar

The ten most common verbs 
I asked my bot to produce the simple present tense conjugations of the ten most common verbs.
I then asked my other bot to produce audio files of these conjugations so I could listen to them on my dog walks.

ten most common Greek verbs** by usage:
1. **είμαι** (ìme) - *to be*
    - Example: Είμαι Ελληνίδα. (I am Greek.) 
2. **έχω** (eho) - *to have*
    - Example: Έχω μία κόρη. (I have a daughter.) 
3. **κάνω** (kàno) - *to do, to make*
    - Example: Κάνω ένα γλυκό. (I make a dessert.) 
4. **πηγαίνω** (piyèno) - *to go*
    - Example: Πού πας; (Where are you going?) 
5. **έρχομαι** (èrhome) - *to come*
    - Example: Πότε έρχεσαι στην Πάρο; (When are you coming to Paros?) 
6. **λέω** (layo) - *to say, to tell*
    - Example: Λέω την αλήθεια. (I tell the truth.) 
7. **περιπατώ** (perpato) - *to walk*
    - Example: Περπατώ στο πάρκο. (I walk in the park.) 
8. **βάζω** (vazo) - *to put (on), to place*
    - Example: Βάζω το παλτό. (I put on the coat.) 
9. **φτάνω** (ftàno) - *to arrive*
    - Example: Ο πατέρας έφτασε στο πάρκο. (The father arrived at the park.) 
10. **απαντώ** (apandó) - *to answer*
    - Example: Οι μαθητές απαντάνε τις ερωτήσεις. (The students answer the questions.) 

The complete text file with all personal pronoun simple present verb forms is here.
Audio 1
Audio 2
Audio 3