CLIL in Catalonia

Off to NILE to meet a Catalan CLIL group, Feb 2008

I spent a great two days with a group of teachers from Catalonia recently.    

I had the privilege of working with a lovely group of colleagues from Catalonia at an in-service course organised by NILE (  This group is part of a long-term training programme in Catalonia where already 4 groups of teachers have been sent over to the UK for CLIL training.  This group was the fifth.
I was with the group for only two days, and they had already been hard at it for 6 weeks, with another 4 weeks to go.    

These are the subjects they teach in this group

What can you do in 2 days?  Well, we talked about a number of things.  We talked over briefly what they had learned and what they felt they needed still to do with the time remaining.  Part of the project they work on, I learned, has them writing resources which will be distributed throughout the whole of Catalonia and made available to all teachers working in CLIL.  You can imagine the colleagues were under quite a bit of pressure to produce resources which they could feel happy with letting others get their hands on!

My notes looked like this

There were delicious aromas coming from the kitchen each lunchtime.  These colleagues took their nutrition seriously.  You need to when going at such a pace.
If you go to this link you can see news of the project so far:
I certainly wish these dear colleagues the best of luck in the future, please do keep us posted!

PS - Francesca Vidal Santallusia wrote an overview of CLIL in Catalunya for