Germany - CLIL 2010 Conference, Eichstaett

CLIL 2010 Conference, Eichstaett, Germany
29th Sept - 2nd Oct, 2010

I arrived in Eichstaett on a damp and misty autumn afternoon and quickly found my bearings around the pretty town to do two things: take a look at the churches; shop for German-medium learning resources.

The registration as usual was a time for catching up with colleagues last met at the previous conference or similar event, a little networking, a little socialising.

I met Oliver Meyer, a man I knew only electronically before, but of whom I’d heard bits and pieces, all very positive, from other colleagues and friends. We met with ‘I’ve heard a lot about you from …’ and we agreed to find a time to talk to see what and how we could collaborate in the future, a great opportunity at events like this.

Isabel Peres Torres gave a keynote speech on IT in education and the best way to summarise her extremely informative and busy talk is by giving you the tag words I noted down on my mobile phone:, tradukka, delicious, bookmarking, twiducate, Tim Berners-Lee, open data, iphone + iSchool, Web 3.0, beware big brother - behave, glogster posters,, vimeo, ‘Hold your Horses’, conclusion: we have to embrace the technology in learning / a lot of the answers are already out there.

The one thing I wanted to report back about the conference in particular is that there was much discussion in the corridors about the sky-high issues being dealt with throughout the conference and yet what a significant group spoke of wanting to see are actual examples of classroom practice, actual resources in use, reports of student work. I hope the coordinators will get this on the agenda

My talk was Supporting Communication in CLIL Classrooms.  The presentation is linked at the foot of this page. There are examples of identifying language, mapping language in the curriculum, which is where I think CLIL should start, though interestingly these examples come from EAL and Literacy contexts, not CLIL and numerous examples of language identification and tasks where language is supported for practising content.

The materials and tasks embedded in the PPT follow (and they are zipped in a folder at the foot of the page):

Bio Q Loop.doc
Picasso Biography text.doc
trivia search blueprint.doc
trivia search.doc
the planets.ppt

I wanted to upload the presentation so colleagues could access it quickly.
Let me know your thoughts, send us your materials if you have them, I'll upload them here.

PS - there was a blog set up around the conference:

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