Bulgaria - EDS Alumni Talks - Max on Languages and Communication

Returning Alumni Talks
Talk 1 - Maksim Baldzhiev

Communications and Languages
English-German Grammar School
Feb 10th, 2010

It was a great pleasure to have Max back in school.
Obviously a communicator, Max used a few slides as visual context to his informative and amusing talk.
Quite a traveller, Max had plenty of stories to tell
and tried very hard to interact with the 100 or so students listening to him
and me too
the results were very impressive
and there was great interest
particularly to hear about succes, work, fun
and how Max manages to integrate his busy work and life schedule with family and love

You can see Max talking on languages at this YouTube link.

Max talked using the following headings and structure. Prep students had a handout to help them make notes and were given a follow-up task to retell back in class what they had heard:
1) Education
2) Languages 
3) Work
4) Communications
5) Success 
6) Free time / fun 
7) Your questions