Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 34

A Winter CLIL Collection 

FACT Journal 34 comes to you from the cold mid-winter of 2023-2024 with the prospect of a warm spring on the way. You’ll find many things to warm your heart! We begin with some useful ideas on puppet theatre for our younger learners along with rich resources for developing language through the seasons, riddles, rhymes and stories from Mariana Dyankova and Leda Mileva.
We have Spanish writings on ‘Las leyes de la Naturaleza y mi destino’ from Gabriele Di Stefano and students aged 14 to 16.
Rainbows are widely and colourfully explored in Spanish, French and Bulgarian, presented by Dayana Borisova and Ekaterina Kyoseva followed by activities from Stefka Kitanova and Vasil Chakarov.
Mia Gigova and Marta Horozova argue effectively for ‘Más folclore por Europa’ and Konstantin Nikandrov offers a eventful perspective on a museum trip.
Stoyan Faldjiyski lays out the crucial importance of NBS (nature-based solutions) in school education and presents the Erasmus+ Teacher Academies project which has as its aim to develop this area of learning in Europe.
Last but not least we have an important lesson from Olga Zhdan on citizenship focusing on developing awareness and sensitivity in communication in society where prosthetics are concerned.

Please use and share this wonderful collection with colleagues!

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PS - I proofread and edit all the materials, and so any typos are entirely my responsibility!

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