Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 33

Global Warming and its Impact on Living Things on Earth
(an integrated approach)

The collection of resources found in this publication of the FACT Journal was compiled during two weeks of work at the Bell Foundation, Cambridge in the summer of 2023. The Teaching CLIL course brought together 6 teachers from Spain, Macau and Italy with a diverse subject background including chemistry, biology, technology, geography, history and a generalist with a whole-curriculum perspective as well as one English teacher who joined the group later.
I imagined it would be a challenge to identify a focus for such a diverse group, but the title to this publication came about relatively easily and the colleagues quickly set about applying the ideas from our input sessions to producing materials for their particular subject area under this umbrella heading.
As it was, the integrated approach that we adopted gave the colleagues the freedom to work in their own directions, but always ‘joined up’ with the project as a whole.
So, in this publication you will find a range of thematic resources for secondary CLIL. There is a section called ‘Understanding the Science’ in which we present a biology perspective focusing on the types of fuels (renewable and non-renewable), and their advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, you will find a chemistry perspective which focuses on the reactions resulting from our uses of fossil fuels and the consequences they have for our planet. There is a section called ‘Understanding the Data’ aimed at the technology curriculum where students deal with both data about energy use generally, but more specifically energy use in the home and the devices we use. There is a section called ‘The Historical Perspective’ which presents a focus on the industrial revolutions, inventions, as well as processes involved in use of the inventions and the changes they brought about for life on Earth. There is a section called ‘How it Affects my Life’ (context Macau) which takes the region as a context for a more personal look at the way global warming affects the lives of the children who live there. Lastly, we have a ‘Language Perspective’ which offers investigations into the lifestyles and behaviours of students in Napoli as well as work on making changes in our lives to reduce our carbon footprint.
Last, but by no means least, we decided to include the ‘Climate Change’ draft project which was produced by dear colleagues at Science Across the World moons ago. Please feel free to make use of that structure to guide your projects in this area.
All in all, a bumper edition, with scope for much more! Please share and use!

PS - as usual, the hard work is thanks to these colleagues who have put in their time and their brains to produce these materials. I proofread and make the materials fit into the Journal, with many thanks to Stefka for her help. Any errors you find are mine!

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