Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 31

With forewords from both John Clegg and Phil Ball, and an introduction from Eva Tatarova, this special edition of the FACTWorld Journal is dedicated to dear colleagues in Ukraine and abroad who participated in an online course - Putting CLIL into Practice.
Eva first got in touch about the course and our work at Anglia School with words of interest and encouragement, hinting that she would be happy to visit one day, and be glad also to be able to attend the course. From there we spoke about offering the course online as I had previoulsy done so with colleagues in Spain during the pandemic, and so we all met for the first meeting and the course began.
This collection does two things. Firstly, the publication summarises the contents of the course so that colleagues in Ukraine with an interest in CLIL can read it and consider if CLIL can be of use for their work. Secondly, it is a collection of some of the work of the participants on the course.
The course follows 10 modules on CLIL methods and materials writing, largely reflecting the content of our face-to-face course for Erasmus+ teachers visiting Bulgaria. The difference is that the online course starts each module with a YouTube film on a theme. This ends with a task which participants work on during the following week, and then send to me for feedback. The third aspect of the structure is our Zoom meeting where I share the feedback with the group. 
The quality of the work reflects the extent to which the participants embraced the CLIL approach. This collection is testimony to the hard work of our Ukrainian colleagues.
In addition to the course content and some of the participant assignment works, we also have a contribution from Natalya Zachynska who went through the online CLIL course alone and subsequently embraced CLIL to take on the task of producing a course of her own which would develop the English language of front line responders and military in the context of emergency and crisis response content materials (TCCC - Tactical Combat Casualty Care). 
As always, the editing work is all mine with help from dear friend and colleague Stefka Kitanova for the preprint version you see here. So, any errors you find are mine!
Please read and share!
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