Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 30

It’s always a pleasure to introduce a jubilee edition of our FACT Journal. We’ve reached 30, wow! I remember the days when we were photocopying the contributions and stapling them together. You can still access every single issue at too!
This issue is another bumper collection of wonderful materials on a vast range of themes and in multiple languages.
We have two high-level history lessons contributed from Austria around the theme of monastic life and its role in the middle ages. An Esperanto speaker gives an insightful summary of some of the characteristics and advantages of this language. There’s a summary of an important Erasmus+ project on ‘Cultural heritage and values education in European schools’. An innovative Spanish contribution describes a project offering an approach to culture and literature through interactive games. If you’re interested in English idiom around food, you’ll find that here! There’s also a lesson looking at the poem The Night Before Christmas and the origin of the names of the reindeer. A valuable Bulgarian contribution describes work on empathy and friendship in upper preschool classes. There’s also a fabulous Spanish essay entitled ‘The Rebirth of Art’. An interesting article follows in the Bulgarian language entitled ‘Between Order and Revolution’ with observations on the function of art in the interwar years of the 20th Century. A Bulgarian-language review of cinema in school and beyond gives a delightful description of 5 films projected to school children at the French Institute in Sofia. There is a Spanish-medium lesson focused on the song ‘Gracias a la vida’ with lyrics and activities. We also have a presentation of EEPN, the European Education Policy Network on Teachers and School Leaders (EEPN), its aims and work.
I think whole-hearted thanks must go out to all contributors to this special birthday edition – Thank You!
Thank you for helping us celebrate education in a multilingual Europe and wider world.

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