Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 27

Intercultural Communicative Competence for Very Young Learners CLIL

This collection of resources was compiled during the Erasmus+ Course – Putting Preprimary CLIL into 
Practice which took place at Anglia School Bulgaria from July 4th to 8th, 2022.

A wonderful group of 10 Italian and 3 Romanian preprimary teachers came to us to work on CLIL.
We decided to create a focus for CLIL with Intercultural Communicative Competences for very young learners.

So, in short, we covered young learner CLIL pedagogy AND produced a range of resources and activities for developing intercultural skills in 
young learner classes.

It’s incredible how productive the colleagues managed to be in the few days we had together. What you see here is the result of their work. Bravo!

Congratulations, and thank you to you all for your hard work!

Enjoy and share please.

PS - I edited, proofed and collated all the materials, so any errors are entirely mine. 

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