Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 26

The UN SDGs as a focus for Primary CLIL

This collection of Primary CLIL resources is the product of a week of Erasmus+ CLIL training at Anglia School in Bulgaria.

We had theĀ idea of focusing specifically on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals while developing resources for primary CLIL.

The 14 participants from Italy and Romania received input on the following primary CLIL principles:
- Language: subject specific terms + general academic language
- Guiding through input text
- Guiding through non-text input media
- Supporting output writing
- Supporting output speaking.

Participants were also presented with a vast range of examples of practice from Anglia School classes.

On this backdrop of principles and practice, our guests were invited to produce themed materials based on the principles, examples and with a view to developing one or more of the UNSDGs.

The UNSDGs linked to the titles of the Primary CLIL projects are:
Biodiversity: Elisabetta, Gianluigi, Annamaria (SDG14and 15)
Gender Equality: Fabrizio, Federico and Viola (SDG5)
Good Health: Ilaria, Erica and Marta (SDG2)
Life on Land: Marinella, Lucia and Raffaella (SDG15)
Responsible Consumption: Ioana and Bianca (SDG12)

I collated, proofread and edited all the materials, so while the colleagues did all the hard work, any error or lack of clarity anywhere is mine!

I think what the colleagues managed in the space of 5 days is remarkable.

Enjoy and share please!

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