Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 25

Here we are with FACT 25, cram packed with wonderful multilingual education!
We offer an outline of the course Putting CLIL into Practice which is hosted at Anglia School in Bulgaria, 
and for which teachers in EU can apply for Erasmus+ funding. The course offers a grounding in CLIL materials and pedagogy.
If you’re a fan of graphing, there are some creative mathematical drawings following the Cartesian coordinate system. The piece is in the Bulgarian language, and is for 6th Grade.
Next, we have an integrated language and science lesson with a focus on male hygiene advertisements 
and with the combined aims of developing life skills and interpreting misleading data.
LyubovDombeva also offers a set of student science project 3D boxes in English.
The following piece is trilingual English-Spanish-Bulgarian and focuses on the introduction of the names 
of the chemical elements by using element formula as a way of spelling the elements themselves. This is 
followed by two pieces of student homework from Biology on the cardio-vascular system, Grade 9, Spanish. We are pleased also to include the work of winners of the 2021 Spanish literature competition.
Next, we have a lesson on capital cities based on the text from a song with accompanying worksheet and 
Research is presented on the Education Policy Network’s on progress in making teacher and school 
leader careers more attractive in Europe.
Finally, this bumper issue concludes with a bilingual piece describing celebrations of Bulgarian traditions 
in schools.
The collection is illustrated here and there with artwork gratefully received from students and children in 
our network!
Thank you everyone!

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