Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 24

In collaboration with AEDE (The European Association of Teachers, Bulgaria section), and working with teachers from the CLIL Coordination Centre, Cyprus (, I had the delightful privilege of working with colleagues from Pre-Primary schools in Cyprus who came 
to Anglia School for a week of training and cultural experiences through the Erasmus+ programme in early December, 2021. 

Our focus during the course was Implementing a Pre-Primary CLIL Curriculum – A Whole-School Approach, and FACT Journal 24 is the product of this week spent together. 

The sections of the journal broadly represent the structure of the days of the training:
The Pre-Primary Curriculum in Cyprus - Science.
This introduction looks at one section of the Greek-medium pre-primary curriculum in Cyprus and takes initial steps in 'rewriting' this science section to accommodate a CLIL approach through English.
Section 1 – Building a Pre-Primary CLIL Curriculum – Up and Down Dynamics
This section takes a whole-picture look at the pre-primary curriculum and offers a flow of energy throughout the activities in tune with the energy levels of very young children.
Section 2 – Concepts and Skills – an overview
Here, we explore appropriate concepts for children in pre-primary and consider language opportunities through sample tasks.
Section 3 - Creating, visualizing and interacting with concepts
This section outlines a wide range of multi-media input for pre-rimary CLIL with more examples from the Anglia School classes.
Section 4 – Talk through Skills
Finally, we work on a rich collection of speaking activities exploiting some of the same conceptual structures and more from previous sessions.

The journal is jam packed full of pre-primary CLIL principles and practice and we hope you find it useful for your journey in Pre-Primary CLIL!
Keith (10.02.22)

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