Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 22

Bulgaria FACT Journals Issue 22

We hope you are all keeping well and sane! We’re happy to be able to put out a new FACTWorld Journal,
and it’s a rich and varied collection as usual!
I was asked by a colleague to work up a sequence of lesson activities based on Chinese mother tongue science on the topic of ‘The Water Cycle’ and you can find the complete discussion of this process. We have an original poem / song from Frank O’Reilly called the ‘Maid of Durban Town’ accompanied by a series of lesson activities. Our art theme is taken from the cover (Da Vinci rocks!) with two versions of ‘Draw me a story’ integrating art and storytelling. A story is integrated with Maths in the next item – Gold Hunters’ Tournament. Next, we have a Bulgarian language prose from a school leaver musing on the year gone by: ‘Covid perspective of 2020’. Literature continues along with music art integration taking us into the next item which uses a Dylan original as a template for biology, chemistry work in English. We also have a report on an Erasmus+ schools Art inclusion project and an announcement of a multilingual Erasmus+ project around ‘discovering identity’. All in all, a bumper package! Enjoy!

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