Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 21

Who would have thought what would come when we were celebrating our 20th anniversary just a few months ago!

Our 21st journal has a wonderful 'coming of age' ring to it despite the quarantine lockdown circumstances!
We have items from all over the place, in many languages.
Soft CLIL CPD from Georgia,
History lesson ‘Deconstructing/Debunking a historical personality’ from Austria.
A lesson on Bulgarian kings as well as a lesson on paper plane construction and testing from Bulgaria.
History continues from Italy with an examination of the mediaeval Italian book ‘The City of the Sun’.
We have a chemistry and different ‘Laws of Physics’, both from Bulgaria.
We have an Erasmus+ project report from Bulgarian, English, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian and Polish contributors on ‘Urban Science’.
We have a second Erasmus+ project report taking us into ‘Art and Inclusion’ from the Spanish Grammar School, Sofia in Bulgaria.
We have some fabulous artwork from our amazing students (many thanks!)

Stay safe and healthy, and keep sending us your contributions, and we’ll keep publishing them in FACT!

Download pdf of Journal 21