Bulgaria - FACT Journals Issue 20

A Bulgarian once said to me that good things take time, and the best could take forever. Well, Issue 20 of the FACTWorld Journal has been a long time coming, so it must be really good!

The theme is waste and sustainability and celebrates the 20th anniversary of the FACTWorld network with proceedings from the Pre-Conference day at the Bulgarian English Teachers Assocation conference.

Here's to 20 more years of CLIL collaboration, support and networking.


Introduction - FACTWorld at 20 by Keith Kelly

From SAW to TrashedWorld by Lida Schoen

Natural Materials in my Classroom by Lora Atanasova

Microbeads around us by Egbert Weisheit

Adopt the Adata – interactive environmental education on Maritsa river and Adata River Island by Stanimir Navushtanov, Ventzislav Vassilev and Keith Kelly

Picker Pals “We have Picker Power!” by Patrick Jackson

TrashedWorld – New Draft Module by Keith Kelly

Future in the past – years went by – by Stefka Kitanova, Vasil Chakarov, Maria Dobcheva
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