Anglia School Summer Exchange Programme

Anglia Summer School - Trashed!

We're planning a busy programme for the summer at Anglia School this year, June to September 2015.

Our Juniors will focus exclusively on DIY and Recycling and each week will create products for us to 'sell' in our charity shop to raise funds for our adopted local charity 'Parallel World', a charity helping disabled children in Plovdiv. 

The first 6 themes are:

01 - General waste:
We'll examine travel and nature around Bulgaria and learn about different types of waste and how they affect different parts of Bulgaria. The children will produce their own nature-rubbish landscapes and collages. 

02 - Photography-My home town:
The children will learn how to use a digital camera and will investigate their local environment taking pictures of evidence of waste pollution where they live and learn what can be done about it. The children will produce an exhibition of their photography. 

03 - DIY Paper-Rainforests:
The children will look at their own use of paper and card products, talk about deforestation and how paper can be recycled and reused. We will pulp used paper products and press them to make new paper and decorative cards. 

04 - Cosmetics-Science at home:
We'll investigate various cosmetics and cleaning materials we use at home. The children will make their own soap, shampoo and bath salts. 

05 - Papier mache-Showtime:
The children will learn about magic tricks, do their own performances and practice puppet shows. We'll make masks and puppets from papier mache and used fabric materials. 

06 - Flight-Space adventure: We investigate the science of various forms of flight including kites, planes, rockets. The children will make beautiful kites, high-flying rockets and long-range paper planes. 

Those of you who know the Science of the World programme will recognize some of the ideas at the heart of this summer programme.
We'd love to share some of our investigations into Bulgarian culture, life and products with partners around the world.

If you think your class or a colleague's might be interested please get in touch ( and we'll discuss summer exchange ideas. 

Best wishes