Aleksandra Zaparucha

Aleksandra Zaparucha has an MA in Geography (1989) and English (2001) gained at the Nicolas Copernicus University (UMK) in Toruń, Poland. She has been teaching both for almost 20 years, and four years ago she started teaching Geography bilingually in the Secondary School Complex no. 10 in Toruń. She is also teaching general English in Empik language school as well as various courses at the UMK (general English, British Studies, Irish Studies, Socio-economic Geography). In 2006/2007 she led the first CLIL course for future Geography teachers at the UMK. She has co-operated with Field Studies Council, Geographical Association and British Council at various events, courses and publications, and is the author of three translations of Polish Geography textbooks into English, as well as numerous articles in Polish, British and Irish magazines on teaching Geography, English and Geography in English. (