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Language Support

Providing Language Support

I decided to put some resources on the site to exemplify supporting learners working in the curriculum in a foreign language.

I'll use this page to structure the sections which will be arranged in terms of 1 - Guiding Input and 2 - Supporting Output.
In 1 - Guiding Input, the section presents pro... read more


Austria - Cooperation in CLIL

Report on COOP CLIL Salzburg
(10th – 13th November 2014)

I was asked to prepare input on how language teachers can best collaborate with subject teachers. I’d prepared an agenda which explored ‘points of contact’ between the pairs of teachers including: subject content and language; thinking skills; seeing ‘shape’ in content; co-pr... read more


Austria - A Curriculum for International Education

A Curriculum for International Education
Vienna Board of Education, Austria
October 14th, 2014

I was invited by the Vienna Board of Education to give a talk as part of their well-known evening lecture series at their lovely HQ in Vienna.
Over 50 people came to the talk, a topic I've been passionate about for many years. It was a p... read more


CLIL Projects for ELT

CLIL projects for English lessons

Lots of language teachers are always looking for meaningful contexts to place their language learning. Head for the content curriculum and see what you can pinch. It's full of glorious content, skills and language!

A great way to bring content into the language classroom is to get stu... read more


First HTL CLIL Conference

1st CLIL Conference for Austrian BMHS

April 3rd and April 4th, 2014
University of Education, Vienna
Grenzackerstraße 18
1100 Wien

This was quite simply a great event!
It's the first meeting for a network of teachers from schools around Austria, all working in CLIL.

I've been teaching at the University ... read more