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Putting CLIL into Practice

A CLIL book from OUP.

It feels like it has taken years to get this book together, but actually, it's about two years. OUP have provided us with a publicity flier which I'm posting here so that any interested colleagues can see what to expect.

In terms of content, one of the main things I think we offer in the book is a clear description of ... read more


CLIL Projects for ELT

CLIL projects for English lessons

There's a page on this site which has an outline of a workshop on this topic as well as a video walk through of the slides and also a book of ideas on CLIL for English Lessons: 
... read more


FACTWorld Journal 15

FACTWorld Relaunched

The Bulgarian English Teachers' Association (BETA) Conference at the University of World and National Economy, June 5-7, 2015, was the venue for a very important event for FACTWorld.
We held a 'workshop' on the theme of CLIL for ELT and relaunched the FACTWorld Journal and teachers' meetings to be held in Bulgaria twi... read more


Language Support

Providing Language Support

I decided to put some resources on the site to exemplify supporting learners working in the curriculum in a foreign language.

I'll use this page to structure the sections which will be arranged in terms of 1 - Guiding Input and 2 - Supporting Output.
In 1 - Guiding Input, the section presents pro... read more


Austria - Cooperation in CLIL

Report on COOP CLIL Salzburg
(10th – 13th November 2014)

I was asked to prepare input on how language teachers can best collaborate with subject teachers. I’d prepared an agenda which explored ‘points of contact’ between the pairs of teachers including: subject content and language; thinking skills; seeing ‘shape’ in content; co-pr... read more