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Science Across the World example exchanges
You can get a lot of ideas on what to do with your class
and with exchange partners from these examples

Latest exchange resources:
The resources are arranged by topic, but the last ones received are highlighted here, as well as the date received.

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Latest materials from Khar Thoe in Malaysia. Scroll down and you will find them in their topic sections and the archiving site,

Malaysia Exchange Action!
Climate Change

The Sri Mutiara Secondary School which is located in Penang, Malaysia.

One of the most recent Science Across exchange forms of the month
(Malaysia forum:

What did you eat?

Ellen Foucher

Collège Ste Ursule


(Ellen has promised that this is just the survey and that there is more to come!)

Research Exchange Topics and link to Science Across archives of materials Students work Link to
Acid Rain (AR)

Engelsburg School, Germany (E)

Ursuline Secondary School, Ireland (E)

Colégio Dante Alighieri, Brazil (E)


Biodiversity Around Us (BAU)

Colegio Latino Cordillera, Chile (E)

School No 1129, Russia (E)

Colégio Dante Alighieri, Brazil (E)

Gymnasium Edertalschule, Germany (E)

Gymnasium Bilikova, Slovakia (D)

Scuola-Vigezzo, Italy (F)


Chemistry as a Cultural Enterprise (CCE)

On-going project in preparation, news to come ...


Chemistry In Our Lives (CIOL)

Colaiste Choilm, Ireland (E)

Glanmire Community College, Ireland (E)

BRG 14, Austria (E)

Swanmore College of Technology, UK (E)

Peraugymnasium, Austria (E)


Domestic Waste (DomW)

Himeji Nishi High School, Japan (E)

Copernicus College, Netherlands (E)

Gimnazjum W.Gilowicach, Poland (E)

Colégio Dante Alighieri, Brazil (E)

DomW__Malaysia_221110.pdf (E)


Drinking water (DW)

Marmara Private High School, Turkey (E)

Ashton School, Ireland (E)

Roerich School, Bulgaria (E)

ITIS Grassi, Italy (E)

Mirage team, Egypt (E)

DW_Malaysia_221110.pdf (E)
DW-Global_Maths_Project_Malaysia_221110.pdf (E)

SAWinICT_Malaysia_251110.doc (E)
SEAMEO_ICT-Integration-Education2010.pdf (E)


Eating and Drinking (for younger pupils) (EandD)

Lviv Secondary School 53, Ukraine (E)

Szkola Podstawowa, Poland (E)

Roerich School, Bulgaria (E)

Farelcollege, Netherlands (E)


The Greenhouse Effect / Global Warming (GW)

Colégio Dante Alighieri, Brazil.

Gymnasium #4, Ukraine.

Christ the King Girls Secondary School, Ireland.

164 Spanish Language Secondary School, Bulgaria.

GW_Malaysia_221011.pdf (E)


International Year of Chemistry 2011 Stamp Competition (IYCstamp)

Description of competition


Keeping Healthy (KH)

Faculty of Education, The Netherlands (E)

Kherson Lyceum, Ukraine (E)

School No 1129, Russia (E)

Scuola Magistrale "Don Carlo Gnocchi", Italy (E)

Gimnazija Čakovec, Croatia (E)


Migration of Species (MoS)

Description of project


Plants Topics (PT)
plants and me
plants in our lives

Description of topic

Plants and me (10-13)

Holy Family Primary School, Ireland (E)

Roerich School, Bulgaria (E)

Plants in our lives (12-16)

Enka Schools, Turkey (E)

Colégio Dante Alighieri, Brazil (E)

Talking about Food, Nutrition and Health (12-16)

School No 4, Russia (E)

Colaiste Chriost Ri, Ireland (E)


Renewable Energy (RE)

Cotswold School, UK.

Bernard Nieuwentyt College, Netherlands.

Catagtaguen High School, Philippines.

The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong.

Konrad-Duden-Gymnasium, Germany.

RE_Malaysia_221110.pdf (E)


Talking About Genetics (TAG)

Xavier College, Australia
HS-Riegersburg, Austria
English German School, Bulgaria
St Patriarch Evtimii Secondary School, Bulgaria
Roerich School, Bulgaria
Friedrichsgymnasium, Germany

Martineum, Germany
Liceo Scientifico e Scientifico Tecnologia "N.Rosa", Italy
Himeji Nishi High School, Japan
School Number 30, Russia
Palmiye College, Turkey
Cove School, UK
Gumley House Convent School, UK


What Did You Eat? (WDYE)

Collège Ste Ursule, France (E)

Robert Blake Science College, UK (E)

Loreto Secondary School, Ireland (E)

The "Horea, Closca si Crisan" National College, Romania (E)

The English-German School, Bulgaria (E)

Istituto Comprensivo Sant'Antonino di Susa, Italy (E)

Himeji Nishi High School, Japan (E)

Ashton Secondary School, Ireland (E)

Prienai "Revuona" High School, Lithuania (E)

Sakuragaoka Secondary School, Japan (E)

Sacred Heart Secondary School, Ireland (E)

WDYE_Malaysia_221110.doc (E)
WDYE_Malaysia_251110.doc (E)