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CLIL - Content and Language Integrated Learning

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IATEFL Brighton, April 2011
What's on in CLIL?

Cafe CLIL 16 - Hard and Soft CLIL Teacher Skills

Cafe CLIL 15 - Two languages in the classroom

Cafe CLIL 14 - Re-defining CLIL

School Exchanges - ideas and resources

Bloom's Taxonomy in CLIL, Czech Article

A one-day CLIL teacher training event in Cluj-Napoca.

Report, pics and links here

Oct 30th, 2010

Recognition for good YAC work done!

LIda Schoen awarded for her contributions to Chemistry Education and more on YACs

Sept 2010

FACTWorld discussion group at yahoogroups

FACTWorld Forum - CLIL: Method or Approach?

July 2010

Professorship in Estonia

This advertisement was sent to me by a colleague just wanting to spread the news, so this will be on FACTWorld until the post is filled

The job description and details are in a
file here for download.

The Bulgarian English Teachers Association Conference

Veliko Tarnovo, April 2010

Rocket workshop


Conference Presentation

Thursday 8 April, Session 1.1 : 1040-1140 - more than just a website

CLIL - Bilingual course, Logroño

Implementing CLIL: Ideas and resources for primary and secondary teachers in bilingual programmes

CLIL materials and task design: putting the principles into practice

Miércoles, 14 de abril de 2010

Report, pictures and links

National CLIL Project, Czech Republic

Initial consultancy visit

March 16-17th, 2010

Report, pictures and links

CLIL Workshop

PH Wien

March 4th and 5th, 2010

Report and pics

CLIL Workshop

Akademisches Gymnasium, Innsbruck

March 1st, 2010

Report and pics

CLIL Workshop


2nd-3rd March, 2010

Report and pics

New dedicated CLIL History textbook in the Basque Country

from Phil Ball and Harri Beobide

Get a preview here

2011 - The International Year of Chemistry

What are you planning to do?

Find out how to get involved here


January 2010 update of

January 2010 update

This update sees the integration of onestopclil with onestopenglish

Education for sustainable development

Article 4 a series of articles from Ola Zaparucha, Poland.

30th Jan, 2010

Article 4: Is there a solution?

International House DOS Conference

HMS Belfast, London

7-9 Jan 2010

Plenary Talk

CLIL - What's in it for the English Teacher? 

A week's inservice training for the BHINEBI project, Durango, Basque Country

30th Nov - 4th December, 2009

Exhausting yet exhilarating


Discussion 09: Supporting Talk in Content Subjects

(Reporting back on conferences and meetings; discussion on strategies and techniques for supporting talk in the CLIL classroom)

11.12.09 (17.00-18.00 Central EU time)

Recording and discussion summary

World Sustainable Development Week!

Zlatarski School, Sofia

19th to 23rd Oct, 2009

Getting to grips with sustainability education


Discussion 08: Skills for CLIL: Reading

Recording and discussion summary

Fieldwork in Geography bilingual teaching

bilingual herodot* workshop, toruń, october 2–4, 2009

Pics and news from Ola Zaparucha

Conference for CEBS network of vocational schools, Austria

22-24th Oct, 2009

Conference Report and Presentations

Masterclass for bilingual Geography and Science

Creative teaching ideas for Geography and Science

Ravenstein, Oct 16th, 2009

Education for sustainable development

A series of articles from Ola Zaparucha, Poland.

12th Oct 2009

Macmillan Workshop 18: Teaching Culture with a small 'c'


Friday, Oct 9th, 2009

Who made this pile of rubbish?

The FACT group is ten years old this year!

05th Oct, 2009

Find out more here


Discussion 07: Use of L1 in the Classroom

Discussion summary and information here

ETAS SIG Day, Basel, Switzerland

Saturday, 12th Sept, 2009

Report, information and materials here

4th Bilingual Conference for Science Teachers, Kassel

Friday 11th Sept, 2009

Report, links and information here

Research initiative into CLIL teacher profiles

Deadline for participation is Oct 30th, 2009

Find out more here

Maths and Science Education in Bulgaria

July 14th, 2009

The state of play for incoming GERB Minister of Education

News links from Malaysia

Given the amount of activity in Malaysia regarding teaching content through English it's not surprising that there is a lot of news and Blogs on English Medium Education coming out of Malaysia. Some of them are gathered and linked here. I'll try to update them and add others if and when I find anything new. But do send me other links if you come across them.

July 8th, 2009

CLIL Job Opportunities in Qatar

Academic Language Support Programme for Mathematics and Science Teachers

Teachers and trainers wanted find our more here

June 30th, 2009

SATIS - Science and Technology in Society

14 cross Science topics which place the learning in the everyday lives of learners and gives them the resources they need to discuss, decide, resolve

Great new materials with attention to accessibility of content

June 30th 2009


Reporting back on conferences and meetings; discussion on assessment and testing in CLIL

Discussion 06: Assessment in CLIL

June 10th 2009

Preparatory Class, EDS Plovdiv, 2008-2009

A lesson preparing for the oral exam - preparing an 1-2 minute introduction about yourself.

June 10th, 2009

Full description here

Macmillan Workshop 17: Practical Ideas for Teaching Pronunciation in the Classroom


Friday, May 29th, 2009

YouTube Pronunciation

Discussion 06: Assessment in CLIL

10.06.09 (18.00-19.00 Central EU time)

Discussion 06_Assessment in CLIL

Velingrad Technikum for Economics and Tourism

A Geography lesson on Tourism and Development

May 21st, 2009


The Association for Language Learning has set up a CLIL SIG called CLIL4Teachers

May 25th, 2009

CLIL Teacher, May 2009

The Macmillan 'CLIL Teacher' magazine for May 2009 is now live.

Take a look what is in it here

May 25th, 2009

You Tube CLIL debate

Macmillan have uploaded all of the video recordings they made of the panel discussion at IATEFL Cardiff this year:

See who was involved and watch the clips here

May 25th, 2009

Cornelsen CLIL materials 

I learnt from a colleague in Germany recently that Cornelsen have published new materials for their CLIL series.

If you go to, search for CLIL you'll get a catalogue of resources for different subjects.

It's in German, but easy to navigate.

May 25th, 2009

New CLIL book from Asturias

Colleagues in the from the Asturian CLIL teachers' network have published a book of resources and teachers' notes for CLIL.

Find out what's in it, and where you can get hold of it here

May 25th, 2009

Third Brazilian Bilingual Education Conference

1 to 3 May 2009, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil

Report here



Discussion 05_dialogue between language and content

(Reporting back on conferences; Question forms in the classroom; CLIL teacher training)

06.05.09 (17.00 central EU time)

Dear All,
The Association of Polish Adult Educators in Toruń, Poland, is organizing the third edition of the CLIL workshop for Geographers teaching their subject through English. We would like to invite up to three active teachers of Geography who might join us for the workshop in October (2-4th). The main theme is GIS and fieldwork. You are free to prepare a presentation of what you are doing in your countries. The Association will cover all the accommodation and conference costs.
However, the transport costs would have to be covered by the participants.
For more details contact

Aleksandra Zaparucha



Discussion 04_CLIL_Debate

CLIL: Complementing or Compromising English Language Teaching?


A week of CLIL in Italy

19th-25th March, 2009

Sondrio: in memory of Gabriella Lazzeri - A richer curriculum with CLIL practice

Milan: Saturday morning CLIL with Teacher Trainers - Hot Questions

Milan: YLS SIG / British Council Conference - CLIL: Equipping Teachers and Enabling Learners

Milan: Teachers' Meeting - Science and Geography: Why not in English?

TESOL Arabia,

Dubai, Thursday 12th March

CLIL: English in Learning, Learning in English

Macmillan Workshop 15, Teaching Culture with a small 'c'

Veliko Turnovo

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Culture in Bulgarian former capital


Feb 27th, 2009

Discussion 03 - CLIL Teacher Training

Asturian CLIL

16th-19th Feb, 2009

Getting to know content and language integration in Asturias

Bilingual Conference, Bilbao, Spain

29th, January, 2009

Great programme, great talks, great event here.

Macmillan Workshop 14, Teaching Culture with a small 'c'

Plovdiv, Feb 6th, 2009

The culture of everyday life


Jan 22nd, 2009

Discussion_02: The ideal CLIL teacher profile

Prep Class Plovdiv EDS

Jan 5th, 2009

Preparing for the oral exam - a talk on the topic of travel


Dec 19th, 2009

Discussion_01: Getting started

Macmillan Workshop 13, Bits and Pieces

Dec 12th, 2008, Sofia

More here

Back to school - Preparatory Class, EDS Plovdiv, 2008-2009

Dec 8th, 2008

More here

Macmillan Workshop No.12 - ICT in the classroom

Friday, Nov 21st, 2008

Report here

A meeting for immersion teachers in the Canton of Zurich

Report here

Friday 28th November, 2008

Teaching Culture with a small 'c'

Macmillan workshop 11 in Bulgaria,  Friday October 3rd, 2008 ... more here

Geography bilingual teaching – practical issues, 3-5 October 2008, Toruń, report by Aleksandra Zaparucha

CLIL Fusion 2008

A personal perspective on the CLIL conference in Tallinn, Estonia October 24th-25th, 2008... more here

New course for teachers on creating school links through the curriculum

Plovdiv, July 9th to 17th, 2009 read more here...

CLIL article: Foreign Language Competence in Content and Language Integrated Courses
David Lasagabaster

There are some very interesting and significant conclusions made in this article which looks at gender and social differences and achievement and also presents results of CLIL groups in comparison with control groups.

June 27th, 2008

Macmillan Workshop 10, Sofia, the last for this school year

June 19th, 2008

Project Work in the classroom... read more here

Macmillan Workshops 9 was in Haskovo

June 12th, 2008

Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English Teachers come together... read more here

Macmillan Workshops 7 and 8 were in Burgas and Varna

29th - 30th May, 2008

Two really great groups of teachers and sunny weather on the Black Sea coast... read more here

Back to School...

It was with great pleasure that I stepped back into the Prep class at the English/German School Plovdiv this year. more here

Macmillan Workshops 4, 5 and 6

The fourth and fifth Macmillan Workshops in Bulgaria took place in Sofia and number 6 was in Stara Zagora. more here

Macmillan workshop no. 3, Blagoevgrad

March 21st, 2008 more here

School visit and Macmillan workshop no. 2, Sofia,

March 14th, 2008 more here

CLIL in the United Arab Emirates

I spent an exhilarating 5 days in the Emirates last week working on a packed and intensive programme

TT Workshop Tour, Bulgaria

Macmillan sponsor teacher training in 18 locations around Bulgaria, 2008-2009

Macmillan invests in CLIL

I'm pleased to say that major publishers have started producing materials for CLIL

CLIL in Catalonia

Off to NILE to meet a Catalan CLIL group, Feb 2008, update

Integrating Maths with project/problem-based learning

This is a short report in a mail to me on a valuable and interesting initiative from Ng Khar Thoe, the Science Across the World representative in Malaysia.

Beyond Trivia

Two conferences presenting non-trivia language teaching in Poland and the launch of the Speak up on Climate! resources, December 2-3, 2007 more here

Science Across partners meet in Kassel, Germany, Fri, Nov 16th 2007

from Lyubov Dombeva, English-medium Biology teacher in Bulgaria more here...

Content and Language Integration in Yemen

The British Council organized two days of workshops with teachers of English and Science (and Science in English), Sanaa, Nov 12-13.  more here...

English-medium Science and Maths in Oman

The British Council organized two days of meetings and workshops in Oman to do with the teaching of content subjects through the medium of English.  The workshops took place on Sat 10th and Sun 11th Nov, 2007.  more here ...

Content and Language in Bahrain

The British Council organized a very busy programme of events in Bahrain related to content and language integrated learning over two days, Nov 7th-8th, 2007. more here...

Training for Teaching Science, Maths and IT in English

The Mohammed Bin Abdul Wahab Independent High School for Boys - Doha - Qatar, Nov 3-4, 2007 more here...

No Nonsense CLIL!

No Nonsense: non-trivial content, non-trivial methodology - 12 DOS - TTS teacher development conference - this is a title for a conference I can warm to...

Report on workshops for bilingual geography teachers, Oct 2007

Ola Zaparucha

Training course for teaching Maths and Science in English

The English Language Teaching Centre, Malaysia, has published a course online for teacher training for Maths and Science through the medium of English.... more here

Science Across the World QCA Case Study 17th Oct, 2007

The message is getting through that Science Across the World is a first class programme of intercultural exchange for science investigation through common a language.  Well, of course it is!

Bilingual Projects in the Canton of Zürich

This is the summary of the presentation: “CLIL – The Zürich Teacher Training Course” by Martina Wider, Fachstelle Fremdsprachen, Mittelschul- und Berufsbildungsamt Zürich

The final report for the YACs project was published in July 2007 and you can read that ... here ...

DNA Models Exhibition, Natural History Museum, Sofia, March 2004

Finally uploaded the photographs of this amazing exhibition, sorry for the delay

CLIL Brazil

A short report on where content and language integrated learning is in Brazil, 04.10.07, more here...

Latest from Turkey... (July 2007)

An update on CLIL in Turkey from Steve Darn as well as a PPT presentation on CLIL Geography focussing on Vancouver

Science Across the World team meeting                        

The team got together for its annual meeting in Hatfield on Sept 21-22, 2007 More updates from the team here...

Sept 2007

China Dialogue: Integrating language learning and environmental awareness a pilot site is launched offering the latest news items on environmental issues which have been adapted to give language learning activities.  Find out more here...

16th National BETA-IATEFL Conference, 19 – 20 May 2007, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

It's great to be back in Bulgaria and to be able to take part in the latest BETA conference as a resident... more here ...

May 8th, 2007 - Science Across the World reaches 5000!

Welcome and congratulations to Stella Maris Martinez of Ing Giúdici School in Argentina for being the 5000th teacher to join the Science Across the World programme.

CLIL Symposium, IATEFL Aberdeen, Sunday, April 22, 2007, 9.15 - 11.45

A series of presentations on content and language integration from colleagues around the world at the annual conference for teachers of English as a foreign language... more here

English-medium Geography, Poland, 19th April, 2007

Ola Zaparucha has sent us two papers on the teaching of Geography through English in Poland which were presented during the October Conference in Torun and which have since been published in a book of proceedings... more here

CLIL Latvia, preparing for training...

The British Council in Latvia organised a three day workshop for teachers of content subjects and ELT in Jurmala this week, April 11- 13, at the Lielupe Hotel on the Baltic coast... more here

The Young Ambassadors of Chemistry project brought Science to the streets of Grahamstown, South Africa in March 2007... more here.

Content and Language Integration in Bahrain, Qatar, and Oman

There are three reports on the site which you can access either from the flags of the countries listed or from the 'latest on the site' on the homepage.  Here...

Project-Based Learning with Science Across the World, Feb 2007

Science Across the World in collaboration with GSK continues to do good work in Asia Pacific offering workshops for teachers and students.  The recent project-based learning workshops were reported and published in the 'Digital Learning' journal more here... and here...

Basque English Teachers' Association Conference, Sat Feb 3rd, 2007

Report on VI BETEA Teachers’ Day with ‘Science and Literature’ focus from speaker at the conference and FACTWorld colleague, Tim Herdon... more here

Content and Language Integration in Switzerland, Friday 19th to 21st January 2007.

Report on integrating content and language at the Hull School, Zurich, a visit to the Olten Grammar School to work with 16 CLIL teachers and presentations at the annual conference of the English Teachers Association Switzerland... more here.

News of a English Teachers' conference with a CLIL theme from Lui García Gurrutxaga, Jan 11th 2007

After 5 years of silence BETEA is back!. We have organized the :VI betea Teachers’ Day on February 3rd 9:30- 13:30 in the Centro Cívico La Bolsa Eraikia in Bilbao... more here

News of a CLIL seminar in Venice, from Marina Fumagalli, Jan 12th 2007

Invio per conoscenza comunicazione sul Seminario CLIL che si terrà a Venezia il 19.01.2007. Potete accedere ad altre informazioni attravrso il sito (indirizzo sotto). Il programma è ancora in fase di completamento. more here

CLIL Conference, Lithuania, 8-9th December, 2006

A CLIL conference was held in Lithuania this week.  The conference took place at the Sarunas Hotel, Vilnius on the 8th December and was followed by a day’s practical workshop on CLIL on the 9th at the American International School of Vilnius (more here).

Climate Change CLIL in Poland, 24th - 26th Nov, 2006

The British Council in Poland ( organised two days of activities integrating climate change education with language education in Warsaw this week (more here).

Teaching Geography in English

a report on a content and language integration conference in Poland Oct 5-8 2006, from Aleksandra Zaparucha and an article outlining a geography lesson in English during the conference (more here).

Teaching Geography in English, Poland

Find out about a conference which focused on integrating Geography and English in Poland, October 2006.  There is also an article describing a lesson which was given on map reading during the conference by author Aleksandra Zaparucha, (more here).


 June 14th, 2009