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Macmillan invests in CLIL

January 2008

I'm pleased to say that major publishers have started producing materials specifically for teachers and learners doing their subjects through English as a foreign language.

You can download the sample unit here (2mb)


I've been working on a number of content areas with Macmillan to produce resources for working through English as a foreign language.  One of these areas is Secondary Science and Geography and we've produced these books and CDs as part of the Macmillan Vocabulary Practice series.

You can download the sample unit here (6mb)



The topics in the list of contents are taken from secondary textbooks and the target group is necessarily broad and with the publication aimed at early secondary learners.  We were thinking specifically about students who are going to go on and study their Science or Geography through English and those students who have already started and needed a resource to help them cope with the terminology. 



The book is divided into a wordlist and activities with the activities subdivided into a focus at word, sentence and text levels.



'Working with words' - this section offers a lot of visual materials with keys and word focus tasks so that learners can practice their knowledge of the bits and pieces of their subject



The 'working with sentences' section has tasks like this one which have students sorting sentence level chunks into the right parts of a diagram, table as well as tasks for matching halves of sentences and others. 



At the text level, there are tasks to get students transferring information from linear text to a diagrammatical form of some kind, like in this example where it is a table with columns.


There is also a CD to accompany the book.  The CD has many tasks again focusing on the word, sentences and texts but has the added advantage of including magical things you can only do on a computer.  Students can create their own wordmaps using the topic-based wordlists.  The can do total cloze tasks and they can do listen and do tasks among many others.



The story doesn't end there.

I've started working on a similar book for Maths. 

On top of that Macmillan have launched Onestopclil

The idea behind this site is to offer teachers working through the medium of English access to downloadable resources, an online magazine, formal papers written on CLIL, a forum where they can interact and share, and many other juicy bits of useful information, materials and tools for the busy CLIL teacher.




I have to take my hat off to Macmillan for investing in this still blossoming area of education.  They are certainly going about it in a committed, serious and well-thought out way.

Watch this space!