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CLIL - Content and Language Integrated Learning

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Keith Kelly (Language Education Consultant)
FACTWorld Coordinator (
NILE Associate Trainer (
SAW Consultant (
Home address: 77 Rodope St, Plovdiv, 4000, Bulgaria
Home tel: 00359 32623895
Mobile: 00359 896096761

Educational consultancy to Ministries of Education and local education authorities in the sphere of multilingual education and content and language integrated learning:

·       Ministry of Education, Czech Republic, March 2010 (for more information click here)

·      Ministry of Education and Science, Malaysia  (for more information click here)

·      Ministry of Education, Lithuania  (for more information click here)

·      Lombardy Education Authority, Italy

·     Ministry of Education and Science, Spain  (for more information click here)

·     Ministry of Education, Basque Country (for more information click here) 


Educational consultancy to national and regional networks of teachers:

·      Austrian Vocational Schools Network and regional PH, In-service training for CLIL, Feb 2010 (for more information click here)

·      Germany Bilingual teachers network - Support to internet networks of teachers in CLIL and bilingual education, Sept-Nov 2003 (for more information click here)

·      Piemonte, Lombardy, Friuli, Italy networks of CLIL teachers – inservice training on materials development for CLIL, 2003-2004

·      Consultant to the BHINEBI trilingual project in the Basque Country, Spain, 2004 and 2010 (for more information click here)


Consultancy on trainer training in CLIL:

·      Bulgaria and region project for CLIL Trainer Training (English medium Science teacher training) (for more information click here)

·      Norwich Institute for Landguage Education trainer training courses, annually (for more information click here)

·      Oct 2005, CLIL trainer training for Cologne regional trainers’ meeting, Germany (for more information click here)

·      Nov 2005, ‘competence-based learning’ trainer training for the British Council in collaboration with the In-service Teacher Training Institute, Krasnoyarsk, Russia (for more information click here)  


Consultancy to Educational exhibitions and wrap-around activities:

·      British Council DNA50, Exploring the Solar System, ZeroCarbonCity exhibitions in Brazil, Argentina, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Russia, China, Vietnam, Germany, Poland, Norway (for more information go to country sections)


Consultancy in English-medium Science and Maths Education:

·    Team Leader Teacher Training for Preparatory and Secondary Science and Maths, Supreme Education Council, Qatar 2009-2010 (for more information click here)

·    Co-director (with John Clegg) ‘Teaching Science through English’, British Council Seminar, Sheffield, Feb 2004 (for more information click here)

·   Consultant to British Council, China – Teaching Science through English, Feb 2004 (for more information click here)

·   Consultant to Ministry of Education and Science, Malaysia on national English medium Science and Maths programme, 2005-2006  (for more information click here)


Coordination and facilitation Education Projects for young people

·      Young Ambassadors for Chemistry Project – Carrying out public awareness raising science activities and teacher training in Argentina, Russia, Taiwan, China, South Korea 2004-2006 (for more information click here)


Plenary papers delivered on CLIL and English medium Education

·      Oct 2005, IATEFL Hungary annual teachers’ conference, Budapest

·      May 2006, Bulgarian English Teachers’ Association annual conference, Plovdiv (for more information click here)

·      May 2006, Myanmar annual ELTeCS conference, Yangon (for more information click here)


Training courses written

·      Co-author (with John Clegg) of MA CLIL Module for Norwich Institute for Language Education and Leeds Metropolitan University


Consultancy to Publishing Houses on English-medium coursebook writing

·      Co-author (with John Clegg) of CLIL supplementary materials to Richmond Publishers New Science 5 coursebook and teacher’s book


March 31st, 2010