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2011 - The International Year of Chemistry


World water workshops

A series of workshops for students and teachers interested in investigating locally and communicating globally on the topic of water within the International Year of Chemistry, 2011.

Details here.

IYC website

Not interested in chemistry?

Never thought that you could get your students doing chemistry in your language classroom?

Ever wondered why your students don't like Chemistry, and thought 'what a shame?'

Now's your chance to do something about it!

You can sign up and post yourself on the global map

Lida Schoen I are writing a portfolio of activity ideas which are based on the YAC programme we took around the world (Young Ambassadors for Chemistry).

You can read all about the YAC project here.

The programme is broadly based on:

1) 4 day workshop for teachers

2) Prep for public Chemistry event

3) Public event with students

4) Advertising and publicity for Chemistry

Read all about it in the prospectus. The two areas which caught my eye are here above. More people need to know and understand more about Science and young people need to more excited and enthusiastic about Science.

If you're not sure what to do, you can check the IYC section on ideas.

Advertise what you're planning to do! Get everyone involved. If you're not planning anything, join us, we'd be glad to work with you on a joint project.

Jan 30th, 2010